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January 2011



New York Roundup

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New York was wonderful! I really struggled with how to start this post so I decided to just put it that plain and simple: New York = awesome. I can’t really say I’ve figured the city out after five days, but the trip was for sure a great introduction to a city I’m destined to return to.

The weather was almost entirely comprised of sub-0 temperatures and a lot of snow (which was apparently rather unusual for NYC, seeing how much they struggled with getting rid of the snow and driving/walking in it – the schools and airports were even closed for two days). However impractical, the continous snow did leave the city looking white and lovely.

With regards to plans for the trip, the only thing we knew we were going to do was to attend a recording of The Daily Show (live!), the rest of the time was spent walking around the city, shopping, eating, talking to people and having a great, great time.

NYC-JC suite because it was absolutely fantastic – in fact, I can’t think of a better place to have had my first New York experience.

The suite was on the 44th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows that gave us an amazing view of the New York skyline, as well as the Statue of liberty (it was strange looking down on it though). The building was just 200 meters from the Jersey City PATH-station (subway), which took us to the World Trade Center-station in Manhattan in less than two minutes. Yes, seriously. The building we stayed in also housed a lot of other apartments, and it was such a nice experience meeting and having random quick conversations in the elevator with the people living permanently in the building.

Enz’s - Vintage reproduction clothing, handmade accessories and pretty much everything else for the modern pin-up. I spent at least an hour trying on most of the dresses in the shop and ended up with two dresses and a hat! Mariann Marlowe – the owner of the store – was incredibly helpful and great fun to talk to. (125 2nd Ave New York, NY 10079)

Village style – small thrift store. Not very trendy or hip at all, and quite inexpensive. I found a lovely wool coat for $40!

CoCo de mer is always worth a visit, both in London and NYC. Lingerie and designer sex toys in a very female friendly atmosphere.

Azaleas is a small lingerie-boutiqe in the east village, where I finally found my favorite brand, Maison Close! I’m so happy I could spit (to quote Bill Hicks). Ended up with half of MC’s collection. Azaleas also have a number of other small lingerie brands and I would highly recommend a visit!

Amarcord – high-end vintage fashion. Fun store, excellent service and lot’s of nice quality vintage pieces. A bit expensive, as most of the vintage shops in Manhattan seems to be.

Lisa Shaub – milliner. Oh my, what can I say.. this was my idea of hat-heaven, and I had huge troubles leaving this store with only one hat (Husband put his foot down). When we entered the store, the proprietor Lisa was there, and Joni Mitchell was playing on the stereo. Lisa patiently helped me try on half a dozen or so hats, and after an hour of going back and forth I ended up with a fantastic black one that will be featured as the hat of the week pretty soon. (232 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012)



January 2011



Biscuits, spices and the wonderful art of Marcela Cardenas

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This is the art of Marcela Cardenas. While in NYC, we stumbled across a little gallery/store that featured a few of her pieces, and I fell in love instantly. I’ll tell you more in a minute, but first, take a look at this lovelyness:

marcelacardenas.com, take a look for more!

Don’t you just love it? Okay, so here the story goes: last tuesday we stumbled upon a small gallery/biscuit/spice-store in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen. The store is owned by Lior Lev Sercarz who makes seasonal biscuits and sells them in little boxes that are decorated by different artists ( – a new artist and a new mix of flavours every six months or so). When you buy a box you also get a mini-print of the cover artwork, and he sometimes let’s the artist put on a show in his store. I think it’s a lovely concept and if you have the chance, you should definitely check it out!

724 11th Avenue, NYC 10019 :)



January 2011



A quick hello from NYC

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I’m in New York! Husband and I have been here since monday, and so far we’ve ignored all the touristy things and only done other stuff. Stuff like: attended The Daily Show (which was fantastic fun), eaten copious amounts of food and done an heroic amount of shopping (at least from Husband’s point-of-view).

Today I’m planning on seeing/doing at least one of the famous NYC-things, like drive by Times Square or eat a bagel in Central Park, but not before I visit Enzs and Kiki de Montparnasse.

(We live in a fantastic apartment on the 44th floor just on the other side of the river from Manhatten, and since I can see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building from my bedroom windows, I’ve pretty much checked those off my (non-existent) “sights to see”-list. I can really be efficient when there is precious little time and the city is full of lingerie and hats.)

Hope you’re all fantastic!

This is seriously the view from my bed. God I love this apartment!

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