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January 2011



2011, things to do and other goals

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2010 was a brilliant but exhausting year. I’m planning to make 2011 more of the good and less of the bad (scientific, I know). So here are my goals and things for 2011:

• Work as much as I want, but learn to actually relax when I do take time off
• Get some order and make things grow in our lovely, large wilderness of a garden
• Take more pictures and learn the more technical side of photography
• Read more fantastic books
• Travel
• Buy less things, but buy things of higher quality
• Cook more food and drink more wine :)
• Take my drivers license
• Learn to play the cello. At least a little bit. (That’s something I’ve learned in 2010: I can actually learn totally new things if I just practice. I’ve wanted to play the cello for years but just kinda ignored it as it seemed too much work.. So, now I have borrowed an old cello of my aunt(s) and started playing, very, very, very badly. But it’s really relaxing and nice. :)

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