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Bergen city and Infected Mushroom

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One of the nicest birthday presents a girl (or at least this girl) can get is tickets to Infected Mushroom live, especially when they play in Bergen and the present includes flight, hotel and champagne. :)

Fløibanen (totally worth it, btw), and enjoyed the excellent weather that always graces us when we visit Bergen, despite the fact that it is the most rainy city in Norway.

Becoming Insane and Legend of the Black Shawarma, but I think the real genious is in their more subtle work, like Before or Project 100. (Okay, I’m turning into a music geek. Sorry. Just listen. Or if you don’t like electronica, please don’t :)

The concert was everything I hoped for and more. They turned out to be a brilliant live band and the energy on stage and in the crowd was just perfect. (Speaking of the crowd, I haven’t been to a rave in over ten years, but it’s nice to know that nothing has changed, not even the fluffy boots the slutty dancer-women insists on wearing.)

We left Bergen exhausted and happy, after an excellent breakfast at the Clarion Admiral: Salmon tartar and whale, combined with pancakes, melon smoothie and roast beef. True story!