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Torunn Grønbekk

Writes comics. Makes art. Designs things.

Torunn Grønbekk is a comic book writer, designer, and artist from Norway.

Passionate about storytelling, technology and great visuals, and love to combine all three. Works independently for superb clients and designs jewelry under the Charlie Foxtrot brand.

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“For almost a century, St John thought his life was over. As it turns out, it was just on hold. When he and his former commander discovers an old friend brutally murdered, they team up to find the man responsible. As they start to unravel the mystery surrounding their friend’s death, it soon becomes apparent that the murder was just a small piece in a much bigger game. A game that puts St John on a collision course with the man who took everything from him, a lifetime ago.”

The first issue of my new comic series Ageless will be available in 2017. It’s published by Caliber Comics.


(But if you want to get all wanky about it, it’s really about life.)

Passed is a collection of stories written by Torunn Grønbekk and drawn by several lovely artists, starting off with San Espina and Luisa Russo.

Charlie Foxtrot

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